Thanks for visiting my website! I'm Stephanie, I am a small batch manufacturer, I make all of the products you see on this website. My goal is elegance and lasting quality, I use only premium materials, and I guarantee proper workmanship and durability.

If you enjoy fine goods that are properly constructed from quality materials, I guarantee that you will be satisfied with any product you buy on this website.  :-)   Thank you for supporting small business and the U.S. marketplace for quality handcrafted goods!


I buy linen from quality suppliers who have control over flax sources, spinning, looming, and dyeing or import of undyed fabric.

Most of our linen is washed and dyed stateside using non-toxic processes and organic dyes that are compliant with California manufacturing and environmental regulations.

Unless marked as a blend, all linen fabrics are 100% linen.

Our heavy linen is 12oz per yard with a dense weave, soft hand, elegant beauty, and excellent wear resistance, making it a perfect choice for our line of handbags and pillows.

For aprons, I use a true medium-weight 7.5oz Belgian linen that has a classic bounce and hand, and excellent durability.

For our natural-colored (undyed) linen products, I use a 9oz linen in two-tone earthy brown & beige, and also a 13oz Herringbone 55/45 linen-cotton blend. The Herringbone blend is quite heavy, very soft, and one of my best sellers.

Linen is naturally stain-resistant and antimicrobial, and is the strongest and most durable of natural fibers used in fabric. All of my linen products are pictured in the "new fabric" stage, and will soften and take on the "classic linen look" with normal use.


I use leathers from Horween, S.B. Foot, Chahin, Wickett & Craig, and Law tanneries, usually in the 3oz~6oz range, predominantly oil tan, combination tan, latigo, nubuck, and sometimes aniline or Chromexcel.


I source 100% cotton canvas from 3 different suppliers, in weights varying from 8 to 14oz per yard.


I use 100% cotton prints and woven patterns from quality suppliers, typically in the 4oz to 7oz fabric weight range, selecting only tight weaves for beauty and durability.


100% Merino wool felt in thickness ranging from 1/16" to 1/4". 


YKK or Lenzip (a Chicago zipper manufacturer established in 1946).


The hardware you see on my products has been carefully selected to ensure functional strength and durability of finish. Grommets and rivets are high quality steel or brass. Snaps are steel ligne 20 or 24 with quality finishes. Magnetic closures incorporate very strong magnets and have anodized or powder-coated finishes, and each is installed with a robust backing to ensure lasting durability. I do not use split rings; all rings are cast alloy with anodized or powder-coat finishes.


Thread failure is a common cause of seam failure in poorly manufactured items. I use heavy, high-quality threads to ensure an elegant and lasting stitch in every seam.

Gutermann Tex40 poly is the lightest thread I use, and I don't use it often. Most of my textile stitching is done with Gutermann Tex100 poly.

Leather items are sewn with bonded nylon in the #92 to #207 range.