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Full-quality prototypes and product variations from the studio.
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ID Proper Stuff Linen Throw Pillow in 9oz Natural Linen in Zag Design
Pillow ~ Natural - Zag
Our Proper Stuff Throw Pillow handmade in Oregon, USA from 9oz Premium European Linen in Natural Flax color (undyed).
This heavy linen is elegant, soft, and very durable.

The pillows are 18" x 18" square covers handcrafted from premium components,
which are then "properly stuffed" with quality 20" x 20" cotton+duck feather inserts (included).

All fabric edges are serged before assembly to prevent fraying,
and the seams are sewn with Tex70 or Tex100 industrial thread to provide last-forever durability.
The zippered cover is removable and washable, gentle cycle, line dry, and can be pressed or even starched if you prefer the crisper "new" appearance.
Some of our customers endorse ScotchGard for this linen for even greater stain resistance and longevity.

Sold per each.
Multi-item photos are provided only for color comparison.

This One-Off design differs from the standard pillow in the Zag design on the pillow face.
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ID Natural Linen Crossbody Purse One-Off Design
Natural Linen Crossbody Bag ~ Small
This particular Crossbody Purse is unique because it is made from our 9oz premium un-dyed European Linen,
and because it's slightly smaller than standard.
At 7.5" height x 9.5" width, it's a smaller version of our linen crossbody bag.

The 5oz leather strap is 5/8" wide and 48.5" long, secured with over-size rivets and cast alloy rings in antique brass finish.
This strap length provides a just-below-waist crossbody landing for persons 5' 6" in height.
Lined with medium-weight 100% cotton canvas: see photos.
Zippered main compartment; two outer slip pockets with matching lining; two inner slip pockets.

This is a true one-off, a full-quality prototype that ultimately led to the current Crossbody line.
This is a great buy if you're looking for a true one-of-a-kind purse, or if you simply prefer a smaller daily-use handbag.
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ID Linen Crossbody Zip Handbag in Herringbone Blend
XBody Zip ~ Long ~ Herringbone
This bag is identical to our stylish everyday Herringbone Crossbody Handbag,
except it has a strap that is 3" longer than the standard model.
This longer 49.5" strap length will provide a just-below-waist crossbody landing for persons 5' 7" in height.

The 5oz leather strap is 5/8" wide, secured with over-size rivets and cast alloy rings in antique brass finish.
Lined with 8oz cotton canvas in a natural hue.
10" height x 10" width; zippered main compartment + three slip pockets.
The external slip pockets are lined with matching liner material.
Made from 13oz premium Herringbone Linen/Cotton blend (55/45), a heavy & durable fabric with a very soft hand.

This medium-sized crossbody shoulder bag is great for everyday use.
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ID Classic Linen Hobo Bag in British Khaki with Magnetic Closure
Linen Hobo Bag ~ British Khaki w/ Ticking
This full-quality linen handbag is identical to our standard Hobo Bag line, with the exception of the blue ticking liner coupled with the British Khaki linen.
The normal liner for a British Khaki Hobo Bag is a Cream muslin.

The Hobo Bag is an elegant and roomy linen shoulder bag.
Made from 12oz premium European Linen ~ durable yet luxuriously soft.
This is a large handbag, great for "busy days" or long outings, or sometimes just for finishing that "perfect" ensemble.

12.5" height x 13.5" width; 4"breadth flat-bottom, box corner design.
The 5oz leather strap is 1.5" wide with an 11" drop, double riveted on each end.
Antique brass hardware & magnetic closure.

Lined with 100% cotton 9oz woven-stripe blue ticking lining.
Two outer slip pockets lined with matching liner fabric, two inner slip pockets, plus one inner zippered pocket.

Two of the photos show the bag turned inside out so that you can see the lining and inner features.
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ID Classic Linen Clutch in Navy Blue with Blue Ticking Lining
Classic Linen Clutch ~ Navy Blue
This medium-sized clutch is handmade in Oregon, USA from 12oz European linen in our Navy Blue color.
At 7" height x 10 width, it is the same size and design as our Wristlet Clutch, but without the strap.

A great size for everyday use; it also fits nicely inside our Hobo Bag.
Box corner design with a 2" breadth flat bottom.
100% cotton liner: 9oz woven-stripe blue ticking.
Has ticking trim and a leather pull. No pockets.

I only made a few of these.
If they sell out and you'd like one, use our contact form to drop me a note.
If there is enough interest, I'll make more.